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Accounting Jobs >> Accounting Articles >> Accounting Career Feature >> What Kinds Of Accounts Jobs Are Out There?
  • Accounting Career Feature

What Kinds Of Accounts Jobs Are Out There?

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Even in our somewhat slow economy, there still is (and always will be) a call for people whose professional training and experience is in accounting. In the midst of the deepest of recessions, there is still money being made somewhere, after all and these professionals who staff accounts jobs are just as important then as in a healthy economy. There may not be quite as many options at the present for account employment, but things are bound to pick up sooner rather than later and of course, there are plenty of accounting employment opportunities out there for experienced, skilled accountants who know how and where to look for their next step.

One thing which those in search of accounting jobs may need to keep in mind as they search for work is that they have to deal with a relative scarcity of accounting work at the moment. This means that they may have to refocus their job hunt to emphasize the skills they have which are currently in the greatest demand rather than those skills which they feel are their strongest and/or the accounting areas they have specialized in previously. For example, even if your education and training have led to positions in accounts payable until the present time, you may need to think about how you can transfer these skills to a new career path in accounts payable or perhaps a general accounting position. There are accounts jobs out there, no doubt - but landing one which is personally and financially rewarding may call for exercising a little more flexibility than in years past.

There are always account employment opportunities somewhere; virtually every business large and small alike employs an account or maintains an entire accounting department (or departments, as the case may be with larger employers). These positions may be as accounts payable or receivable staff or as the directors of these departments for more experienced accounting personnel - depending on your level of experience in accounting work, the types of opportunities open to you as an in-house accounting staff member can vary quite a bit. If you're just out of school, it's more likely that your first account work will be in an entry level role, whether in the accounting department of a company or as a staff accountant with a specialized accounting firm or in the financial industry.

We all have to start somewhere, after all, though if you have a knack for the accounting field and a willingness to put in the time and effort necessary, there are almost always opportunities for advancement, whether with your first post-college employer or elsewhere. The ladder up sometimes involves a step sideways; and especially in a challenging economy, this applies to mid-level accountants just as it does to those just entering their first accounts jobs.

If you already hold the necessary certification or are willing to study and sit for the necessary examinations, then pursuing a career as a self employed certified public accountant is another option for accountant employment. Accountants with a broad range of accounting skills and something of an entrepreneurial bent are usually the best suited to take this kind of step, since working for oneself does necessarily mean finding one's own customers - but an accountant who has the talent needed to be a CPA of course, should find that there are many employers out there who are more than happy to hire him or her as a staff accountant or for other accounts jobs.

It may be true that these are tough times, but accounting jobs are always out there; and when you know where to look, it becomes apparent that there are many opportunities for talented, flexible accounting professionals who are willing to adapt and learn new skills to meet the requirements of different types of account employment wherever their skills may take them. With a dedication to your craft, a little determination and a willingness to succeed in any kind of accounting job, you'll find yourself moving rapidly towards the kind of accounting position you've always seen yourself in. If you're good at what you do, you'll always rise to the top, no matter what your field is or how tough the economy at large may be at the moment.

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